The Fly Plane: Flight Simulator

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Single Player
Action, Arcade, Simulation
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  • 27th May 2022, $3.99
  • 27th May 2022, £3.59
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About The Game

Become a real pilot by completing all the levels!You will find all the rewards in a total of 5 scenarios. Don't forget that time flies! Hurry up to complete the levels, the longer you take the more fuel you will consume and the more you will be able to reach the hidden collectibles. In this game you will have all the control, steer the plane in 360 degrees in all directions. Avoid colliding with the elements around you or you won't be able to finish your trip.-5 worlds where you will have to find the hidden elements.-Find all the collectibles before you run out of fuel.-Avoid colliding with the elements of the stage to save fuel.-Table of records to beat yourself in each level.