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Do My Best


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User Ratings: 11

Our Review: 8/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Platformer
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • 23rd Feb 2018, $19.99
  • 27th Feb 2018, £13.49
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Xbox One

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The Final Station Screenshot
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  • Review The Final Station (Switch eShop)

    All aboard the apocalypse train!

    Do My Best's very first game is now boarding on Nintendo Switch with The Final Station. From afar it might look like a mere curious train simulator/zombie shooter hybrid presented in a retro pixelated wrapper. However, once you board this train you will quickly realise you are quite unable to stop this journey...

About The Game

The world is over.

But it's not quite over for you... at least, not yet. And now that you've got thousands of tonnes of locomotive at your disposal, you've got the definite advantage over the infected hordes. This is The Final Station.

The real question is whether or not you'll help the survivors get to their destinations.... or let them die and loot their bodies. Sometimes people can be more trouble than they're worth.

  • A post-apocalyptic adventure about travelling a dying world on a train.
  • A story that goes through 5 chapters, with large inhabited stations at the end of each one.
  • Infected are ready to stop your progress whenever you exit the train to look for supplies.
  • Maintain your train in operating condition and craft valuable items from the resources you scavenge.
  • Don't expect to shoot your way through the crowds of infected. Supplies and ammo are very limited.
  • Pick up survivors along the way, gaining perks (and hindrances) for your troubles.
  • Scavenge for loot at stations and craft useful supplies.
  • Sell your loot at inhabited stations for useful upgrades to your weapons.