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  • EU 10th Aug 2023, £14.90
  • US 10th Aug 2023, $19.90
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Sorry, no Female Nation Takeover -女性国家乗っ取り計画 - 盗賊の俺が王になる - review yet.


Sorry, no Female Nation Takeover -女性国家乗っ取り計画 - 盗賊の俺が王になる - screenshots yet.

Female Nation Takeover -女性国家乗っ取り計画 - 盗賊の俺が王になる - News

About The Game

Female Nation Takeover -女性国家乗っ取り計画 - 盗賊の俺が王になる - is a novel game in which the bandit leader, Eddie, deceives the beautiful women of Rugalant in order to further his ambitions of stealing the kingdom itself.

A Bishojo Game released in 2017 under the "Black Currant" brand has been reworked for the "PandaShojo" platform for players of various ages worldwide to enjoy.


The women of this country don't see men as a threat.

If I can find their weakness and exploit it, I'll be back on top.

The pieces are falling into place, all that's left is to make my move.


In Rugalant, women hold all the power, be it political or martial.

Sensing an easy target, Eddie takes his band of brigands to raid the kingdom.

However, Eddie's forces are quickly routed and his pride forever besmirched.

Unable to accept his embarrassing loss, Eddie infiltrates the kingdom to enact his revenge.

I'm going to make that kingdom mine, no matter what it takes.

Rugalant is ruled by Princess Alicia.

To get to her, he's going to need help from somebody on the inside.

Eddie chooses the florist, Tina, the bar mistress, Ruth, and the general, Stella.

By blackmailing them into doing his bidding, Eddie gains powerful allies in his conquest of Rugalant.

Will he succeed in making the Princess his pawn and take the kingdom for himself?


・Alicia Lilly

"My heart will always remain with my people."

The Princess of Rugalant, known for her cheery disposition.

Her position is indispensable to Eddie's plan of taking over the kingdom.

She's been sighted around town helping her subjects after Eddie's assault ended in failure.

・Stella Cook

"Oh, Princess Alicia......how I yearn for you......"

The beautiful and fiercely loyal leader of Rugalant's knights.

Eddie discovers her secret admiration for the Princess and uses it to force her to do his bidding.

Despite her feelings towards the Princess, Alicia only sees her as a loyal subject.

・Tina Maxwell

"Umm......so that flower is called a Gerbera......"

A quiet and reserved florist who cares dearly for her family.

Thought she hides her magical prowess, Eddie's ability to sense magic makes her one of his primary targets.

She's coerced into fighting for the kingdom for money, but holds no loyalty to the Princess.

・Ruth Ailey

"The men of this kingdom are so pathetic compared to those from other countries."

The sociable madame of the pub, often seen taming rowdy regulars in her signature apron.

She loves to talk and is a precious source of information to Eddie.

・Eddie Hales

The leader of what was once the most feared gang of bandits in the country.

He suffered an embarrassing loss to the women of Rugalant.

Cunning and ruthless, he'll do anything to achieve his goals.

・Gil Quilter

Eddie's partner in crime.

While not particularly clever, he's disciplined and always gets the job done.