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  • EU 9th Jun 2022, £40.99
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About The Game

In a world where witch trials and witch hunts are commonplace, a tragedy occurs.

Bolstered by the power to rewind time via death, the heroine Anastasia throws herself to the flames to save those she loves... and to achieve sweet revenge.

■ Story

Though born the daughter of a marquess, Anastasia suffers physical and spiritual violence at the hands of her stepmother day in and day out.

The joy she had found at suffering's end is also ultimately robbed from her by someone she trusts.

As she burns at the stake, Anastasia obtains the grotesque ""Fatal Rewind"" ability.

"This time, I will transform into the ideal version of myself."

With this oath branded in her heart, Anastasia begins her life anew.

But this resolve will only lead to further misfortune.

The curtain rises on the Carnival, and this witch trial shall herald the end.

■ System

Two modes of gameplay move the story forward.

1) Investigation

Search for the culprit that has been swayed by the witch's sweet temptations.

Use your limited time wisely as you investigate with various partners.

2) Trial

Take down the culprit in a witch trial - whether that be as an innocent suspect, the facilitating judge, or even the killer.

All as you cut down the ones you love to ultimately save them.

To come out of this ordeal as the ultimate victor, difficult choices must be made during the course of the witch trials.