Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 20th Jan 2023, £9.99
  • US 20th Jan 2023, $11.50
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About The Game

A storm rages over the ocean... Turtle, Dolphin, Clownfish & friends are lifted high into the sky and stranded deep inland. Following the river, they must swim downstream and journey home to the ocean.

Swim with Turtle, Dolphin, Clownfish, Penguin, Manta, Blue Tang. Control them as the jump in and out of the water, passing through many levels.

Avoid or destroy many creatures with a head-butt: squid, beavers, fish, eagles, and more!

Dont get hit by submarines, helicopters, fishing boats as you continue your journey.

Many different landscapes: green mountain pastures, frozen ice and the desert. Swim through colorful tunnels and in the open air, in the daytime and at night.

A unique game, with bright colorful graphics and cute characters, suitable for children and adults.