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Arcade, Puzzle, Simulation, Strategy
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  • 27th Oct 2022, £6.29
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About The Game

Escape String is a 2D puzzle game set in an undefined time and place. A small humanoid robot wakes up in the debris of a landfill inside a large factory.

He receives strange and enigmatic messages, from someone who apparently wants to help him. The robot's purpose is to explore the large factory where he is in search of answers about who he and his mysterious remote helper are.

The player does not control the robot directly and in real time, but inserts movement commands above its display in order to tell the robot when it is time to jump, to crouch and more.

It is therefore a puzzle game based on perspective: the player must calculate the spaces between the robot and the obstacles. The obstacles are initially totally static, but as they advance they will be more and more dynamic and varied.

For example, we will have guard robots that will perform the same actions as our robot in a mirrored manner. There are currently 40 levels, with 8 types of obstacles.

The real challenge will consist in finishing the level with the minimum possible number of indications (input) and providing these commands in a single line (string), ending the level while simultaneously satisfying these conditions will unlock the ""gold chip"" of that particular level.

The ""gold chip"" will be used to unlock new skins for our robot. This title is therefore suitable both for those looking for a relaxing puzzle, given the non-dynamic gameplay, and for those looking for a challenge given its arcade nature.

- Original puzzle game

- Suitable for all ages

- Many types of obstacles

- Relaxing but with a good level of challenge

- 40 levels, expandable

- Original art sector

- Skins for the character

- No microtransactions