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1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 3rd Nov 2022, £9.89
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About The Game

The Grudge is a survival horror, first-person game.

You must place a sacred card in each classroom while avoiding the spirits, and the player will try to exorcise the spirits in all the classrooms while avoiding the spirits and solving the riddles.

■Game System

The main character has no way to fight.

If you are spotted by a wandering spirit, run or hide anyway. Do not get caught.

Please use a flashlight to find out the location of the place to paste the sacred cards.

There are hints and tricks in classrooms other than the regular classrooms. Please use them well to attack.


A newly established private high school.

However, the school is temporarily closed due to a series of unexplainable incidents.

You, as a medium, confront the spirits to break the spell of the school's resentment.

What is the whereabouts of a missing female student?

Will you be able to seal all the spirits in the school and restore peace to the school?