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Silver Star Japan


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Switch eShop

  • US 12th Apr 2018, $4.99
  • EU 12th Apr 2018, £4.49
Drone Fight
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About The Game

Pilot a radio-controlled multicopter in this 3D air race game!

Fly freely over grassland, into tunnels, over canyons and more while competing in an air race over a variety of scenery using items and techniques!

Select your drone

  • Four types of drone are available
  • Each drone has a different style – choose the drone that best fits your playing style and preferences
  • Soar freely through the skies
  • Piloting your drone is easy – move the drone in every direction while enjoying the excitement of flying

Play in two full modes

  • In CPU Battle, you compete with other drones
  • In Time Attack, you race against the clock to finish with the fastest time
  • Hone your bargaining skills for the best items in CPU Battle
  • Sharpen your piloting techniques in Time Attack
  • Complete the different courses and become the top pilot

Use course power-ups

  • Use course power-ups effectively to leave your rivals behind
  • Learn the layout of power-ups in each course and create your own strategies

Get items

  • Get items with special effects from item boxes during drone fights
  • Some items even disable the effects of power-ups
  • Decide when to use items and gain an advantage during the race