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Single Player
Adventure, Puzzle
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  • US 19th Nov 2020, $14.99
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About The Game

DREAMO is a puzzle-solving journey through a shifting landscape of recollections. In DREAMO, you wake up on an island as Jack Winslow. Guided by the voice of Tara Moreau, an inventor/therapist, you set out to piece together your missing memories. These fragments are locked in "Artifacts", which manifest in your mind as cubes with misplaced gears. As you delve deeper into your mind, the puzzles grow more complex in an effort to keep your memories locked away. Can you decipher them and unlock the secrets of your mind? FEATURES - First-person puzzle-adventure game, - Dozens of individually designed, challenging 3D puzzles with moving components and a variety of modifiers. - Fully voiced, narration-based story that explores themes of memory, choice, and consequence, - Vibrant low-poly artstyle. - An engaging three-chapter storyline - Relaxing gameplay formula... - ...And a challenge mode, for those who want the hardest possible puzzles.