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  • EU 13th Jan 2023, £19.99
  • US 13th Jan 2023, $24.99
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About The Game

3.. 2.. 1.. Fight!

Welcome to Dragon Fury, home of Non-Stop ACTION!

A one of a kind Fighting Game.

• Very Easy to Start - There are no complicated moves, jump right into the game and start fighting (Tutorial included, Practice mode included, List of moves that are very easy to perform - included).

• Super Fluid Fighting - Fighting system has been specifically designed to be extremely dynamic! There are no pauses/delays between attacks, which means you can chain any kind of attack and make your own combos.

• High Risk, High Reward - Fast attacks will inflict very little damage, slow attacks will inflict much bigger damage, but be careful, once your character is performing a slow attack, it's vulnerable to getting hit more easily.

• Full Body Block - Just hold block and be confident that your character is safe from all kinds of attacks.

• Auto-Adjusting Difficulty - 21 Levels of difficulty allowing you to fine-tune the challenge, optional auto-adjusting can automatically increase/decrease difficulty if you keep winning or losing.

• Complete Freedom - Attacks are not bound to specific characters, you can use any kind of attack by any kind of character.

• Voice-Over - Characters will greet (insult) each other before the match start, and say bye-bye afterwards - it was a pleasure to kick you in the balls.

• Heart-Pumping Music - Rich soundtrack that will keep you on your toes!

• Weapons - Fight barehanded or choose a weapon.

• Gestures - Spin the thumbstick to flex your muscles, do a few squats or jumping jacks.

• User Friendly - Game starts instantly, thanks to the most advanced game engine Titan, there are no loading screens.

• Highly Configurable - Plenty of graphics/sound options.

Keyboard + Gamepads Support - With configurable button mapping.

• Free Unlockable Banana, Hot-Dog and more!

Game Modes:

• Towers - Play against a series of AI opponents and unlock bonus characters

• 1 Player - Quick match against AI

• 2 Players - Play against another Player on the same computer

• Practice - Master special moves

• Tutorial - Learn the basics

• Options - Play against a series of UI opponents (Buttons, Checkboxes and Sliders) and configure the game

Choose from many fighters:

• Ninjas

• Knights

• Mages

• Pirates

• Gladiators

• Vikings

• Cyborgs

• Robots

• Aliens

• Cowboys & Indians

• Vampires

• Werewolves

• Demons and more!

There's heaps of characters, but please be aware that their differences are mainly cosmetic (they do not have unique attacks/moves), they do however have different body sizes which does affect the game.

Fighting style depends only on the weapon you choose, and there are following categories:

• No Weapon - Punch and Kick

• Daggers, Knives - Fast, Low Damage

• Swords, Katanas, Hammers, Maces, Axes - Medium Speed and Damage

• Big Swords, Big Hammers, Big Axes - Slow Speed, High Damage

• Staff, Spear, Polearm - Fun but hard to master

There are following Stages included:

• Pyramid

• Sci-Fi Command Center

• Japanese Dojo

• Battle of Titans - Moonlit night scene with giant monsters in the background

• Western Saloon

• Pirate Island

• Gladiator Arena

• Oriental Village

• Snake Mountain

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