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  • 16th Jan 2020, $8.00
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About The Game

"Doggie Ninja The Burning Strikers" is a soccer game that can be played by a maximum of 4 players.

No matter where, when and whom you are with, you can enjoy this party game. Let's enjoy this battle!

★ Refreshing and casual eSports

You only need one button to control your characters and play in this soccer game!

You can enjoy the 2 vs 2 team battle mode if you have 4 players gathered!

No need for complexity! You will know how to play naturally by watching it!

★ Easy that enables everyone to become a super player!

The power of your shot will increase when you caught the soccer pass successfully! Try to catch more pass from your teammate to complete a powerful burning shot!

Moreover, since the ball will bounce back after hitting the wall, you can use the wall to pass your ball as well!

Let's enjoy the continuous thrill of speed!

★Tournament mode for even 1 or 2 players

No matter you play individually or play with your friends together, it will be a great game experience!

Try to fight and score more goals while your enemy, the computer, becomes stronger and stronger!