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Adventure, Other
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  • EU 3rd Mar 2023, £17.99
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About The Game

Script by KUROSHIRO, a leading author of Cthulu horror novels!

In this mystery adventure, the unluckiest detective in the universe struggles with a group of friends in a town called "Saina-machi," where occult and mysterious incidents occur frequently.

A cinematic story unfolds as mysteries and foreshadowing intertwine, leading to an unexpected and spectacular case. ......

Fast-paced story with lots of cut-ins and illustrations!

The conversation-based storyline is filled with cut-ins and illustrations, allowing the player to enjoy the story at a brisk pace without getting bogged down.

The main characters are played by the popular voice actors "Chikahiro Kobayashi" and "Maaya Uchida"!

Their comical and addictive performances are a must-listen for fans and fans alike!

The 13 voice actors in total provide a wide variety of voices for the parts!

Original theme song written by Kanako Kotera and arranged by Puyo Suzuki!

The song is a catchy rock tune that follows the worldview of the game and anime song production team! The song is sung by new Vtuber "Lioha Kanbi"!