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Single Player
Action, Adventure, RPG
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  • US 20th Mar 2020, $4.99
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About The Game

This Slasher RPG takes you to a dark fantasy world where hordes of monsters now rule over a once prosperous land. Fight them with a dynamic and intuitive combat system and level up your skills to defeat all 10 levels and the final Dragon-boss. There are various enemies, each requiring a different approach from you. Attribute your skill points to develop a personal build throughout the game. You can choose to become an unstoppable tank, a deadly archer or a powerful mage, or combine all of these aspects in a unique way. Diabolic Features: - Pixel art Slasher RPG perfect to take a fun break - A good difficulty curve to get you quickly started but challenge you towards the end; - Different types of enemies that make the combat varied and interesting; - A simple yet decisive upgrade system, that you can reset to use your skill points differently, and that can let you play with totally different styles; - A “hellish” dark fantasy world with atmospheric music.