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Action, Arcade
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  • US 12th Jan 2021, $9.99
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About The Game

Dead Ground is a procedurally generated tower defense game with rogue-like elements. Each playthrough will offer randomly generated guns, skills and augments. You'll have to travel, collect scrap, water, manage your inventory and upgrade your base to survive! Place and upgrade the towers wisely, and use your hero to further defend it in this fast-paced game, a perfect blend of action and strategy. You will face permadeath, lots of brutal enemies, tough boss fights and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Features: - Procedurally generated levels - each playthrough is unique! - Tons of randomized loot - guns, skills, augments - Manage and upgrade your base - Boss fights! - Random events - Unlock new heroes and artifacts to further customize the game - Permadeath!