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  • EU 27th Oct 2022, £29.99
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About The Game

DariusBurst CS Core + Taito/Sega Pack features the CS and DLC modes from "DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours", previously released on other platforms.

*The Original, Original EX, Chronicle and Event modes contained within AC Mode are not included.

New Features:

- 6 New Areas in CS Mode

Enjoy a new, expanded chronicle, stretching across 225 stages from Darius Year 1906.

- Replay Mode

In addition to displaying the top scores in each mode, a replay can be downloaded to view the top players' playthroughs.

Replays are available for the no.1 players in each leaderboard.

- Ghost Score

Playing any stage for which you have replay data will display a ghost replay revealing where you can improve you own score.

*You can select a ghost from either the top player's score or your own high score.

- Arcade-style force feedback

One of the attractions of the original DariusBurst AC cabinet are the powerful vibrations created by the in-seat speaker, which are reproduced here via the controller.

The cabinet vibrations were not merely mirroring the sound's volume but were set via a special signal separate from the music and sound effects, and Zuntata has tuned the home version to produce a close estimation of the arcade.

- DLC Mode

Includes 6 ships from various Sega and Taito games!

Night Striker (Taito)

Metal Black (Taito)

RayForce (Taito)

Space Harrier (Sega)

Galaxy Force II (Sega)

Fantasy Zone (Sega)

*Only the Taito and Sega packs are playable and there are no plans for further DLC.

If you already own Darius Cozmic Revelation and/or Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX+, the modes featured in those releases are not repeated here.