Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • US 27th Jan 2021, $2.99
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About The Game

Curve Racer is an intense arcade racing game where you need to get the highest score possible. You can acquire an amazing score if you avoid any of the cars or obstacles that come in your way. The vehicle won’t stop, so all you can do is to guide it through all the perils as much as possible.

The Curve Racer game brings in lots of cars to choose from, all of which pertain to specific categories. You get to customize your driving experience via numerous car upgrades, and you can also acquire map parts that will make browsing through the world a whole lot easier.

Immerse yourself in a cool, fun racing experience only with Curve Racer!


Intense arcade racing

Upgrade your cars and get map parts

4 game modes, free ride, time trial, single lane and dual lane

Use boosters like coins, magnets, high speed or car parts

Numerous missions to choose from

It’s very easy to change environments!