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Action, Arcade, Puzzle
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  • 3rd Oct 2019, $7.49
  • 3rd Oct 2019, £5.99
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PS Mobile, PS Minis


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About The Game

Think you're ready to take on the cube? Then fire up your Cubot's laser and cut your way across 50 Arcade levels in non-stop retro-inspired action!

To succeed you (and your buddies!) will need to evade and annihilate deadly enemies & use your lightning-fast reflexes to the fullest! This is a journey where only the best will survive!

Cubixx is a superb, critically-acclaimed action game, inspired by one of the greatest 80's Arcade classics!

Game features:

* 50-level Arcade mode featuring deadly enemies and game-changing environmental hazards.

* Awesome "Challenges” mode featuring 50 unique challenges that will test your Cubixx mastery to the limit! Chase high scores, beat speed runs, kill all enemies and much, MUCH more. Can you unlock all platinum grades?

* 150 high score tables across 3 'Attack' modes: Score Attack, Line Attack & Time Attack!

* All game modes are playable in 2-4 player co-op.

* Frantic 2-4 player Deathmatch across 10 stages! Cut out your 'frenemies' and claim the best post-match titles for bragging rights!