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  • EU 16th Sep 2021, £4.49
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This morning, on the newspaper:

"Crypto Is Dead", this is what you can read everywhere on social networks and in the street. A 51% attack against the global cryptocurrency succeeded yesterday, paralyzing the entire global economy.

To remedy the problem and give itself time to get the system back on track, the Central Bank has decided to put the old physical currency back into circulation.

In order to do this, it is asking the banks to equip themselves and to find people qualified in banknote verification.

The World Bank estimates that the situation will remain in this state for a month.

We will follow this situation closely to keep our loyal readers informed."

Article by Ranf Bardern

Finally, the opportunity you've been waiting for has come to you. You, notaphilist since your youngest age, will finally be able to make a living out of your passion and who knows, maybe even get rich?

Armed with your encyclopedia on old bill, you set up your new business, acquire your bill sending machine and open your bank, the day after this news.

For the next month, you'll have to help the financial system get back on its feet by checking whether the bills deposited in your bank are real bills... or fake ones.

For thirty days, you will have to avoid bankruptcy, upgrade your equipment and who knows? Have a lots of clients.

Maybe cryptocurrency is dead, but you are alive and well and ready to work.