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  • US 27th Jun 2019, $14.99
  • EU 27th Jun 2019, £8.90
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About The Game

The battle gong sounds! Make your way through the tournament, aiming for the top!

The controls are easy! You can bust out flashy moves with just a single button.

Unleash jump attacks, drops, holds, and specials, carrying them out just how you think of them!

Up to 6 players can play. Compete in intense battles with players from all around the world!

Combine your favorite parts and moves to create your very own custom wrestler!

Grand Slam:

One tournament, made up of four stages.

Various modes to enjoy, including 1-on-1 Single Matches, team-based Tag Matches, and Battle Royale, where wrestlers fight to be the last one standing.

Win your way through 7 tournaments and become Grand Champion!


3 types of multiplayer battles: Shared, Local, and Online.

For 2-6 players: You can play with friends and family, or with players around the world!


Use parts and prizes that you've acquired from your Grand Slam stage victories and create your very own custom wrestler!

In addition to costume and appearance, you can also set your preferred stats and moves!


Learn each wrestler's moves.

Train hard to bust out move after move during your matches!