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Single Player
Action, Platformer, RPG
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  • US 22nd Apr 2022, $4.99
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About The Game

Castle Formers cleverly combines platform action with castle defense to create original and dynamic gameplay. Choose to control a king or queen and defend your beloved castle from invading hordes.

Every day you have the opportunity to build your defenses, train soldiers, and prepare magic spells. Then, every night the battle begins! To overcome the invaders, you’ll have to navigate and interact with NPCs and build up your castle defenses.

Cut plants, hunt, find treasures, form an army, upgrade your weapons, prepare food, and cast spells. When the sun sets, defend your castle at all costs.

Can you discover the best way to battle, find secrets that will allow you to survive 30 days, and ensure the survival of your kingdom?

* Castle defense action gameplay
* RPG elements - Upgrade your defenses by building up resources
* Choose between a king and a queen player characters
* Day and night cycle
* Medieval indie pixel art