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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure
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  • 15th Oct 2020, $1.99
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About The Game

"Burst Shooter" is a fun and creative game developped by one person. Control this little cute bird to fight against waves of armies of balls. Only when the balls hit the edges of the screen will they burst! You can push the balls to the edges with the bullets you shoot or with the bird itself. The more balls bursted, the faster you leveling up, the faster the bird upgrades and evolves, and the faster you can shoot! Excitement is guaranteed all the way through! Game Features: Shooting, bursting, rampaging, unlimited fighting! Bursting a ball through shooting / pushing will increase Health Points. Increased Health will then raise your Energy Level, which will lead to upgrades and evolution of the bird. When a group of balls burst simultaneously, the fun shoots through the roof! Upgrade as you fight more. Improve your skills with battles. The more you play the more fun it gets! And eventually you will dominate the game! · Try to properly manage your Health Points and Energy Level, and skillfully control the timing for shooting and pushing; You can trade in a portion of your Health Points to cast a Special Move or a Super Move that engulfs a large number of enemies. · More challenging contents are regularly being released. As the difficulties increase, strategy and hand speed are both essential!