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  • US 24th Sep 2020, $4.99


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About The Game

>Bring a Sword to a Gunfight

Say goodbye to lasers and experience the full impact of twin-stick gameplay with full-contact combat in 'Breakpoint.' Use multiple weapon types like hammers, axes, and swords to smash, cut, and slash your way through waves of up to twelve enemy classes. Inspired by favorites like 'Geometry Wars,' 'Breakpoint' brings the unbridled chaos of arcade shooters into the world of melee.

Game Features

  • Increase your twin-stick gameplay satisfaction with intense melee combat
  • Weild five distinct melee weapons, each with three levels of upgrades
  • Break your weapons in a massive explosion, annihilating everything in the blast zone
  • Bob and weave through swarms of twelve enemy types
  • Make your mark on the global leaderboard and compete with friends for the highest spot
  • Use the replay system to watch the best runs in the world
  • Full support for both keyboard and mouse players and those who prefer controllers