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  • US 22nd Nov 2018, $15.00
  • EU 3rd Dec 2018, £11.29
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About The Game

Battery Jam is a local multiplayer game of competitive territorial mayhem! Use the boombox to smash your opponents, capture their tiles, and dominate the arena! Choose one of four Jammers and compete to have the most tiles at the end of every match! Take on your friends or play alone in Free-for-All or Team mode across eight levels!

Hecka-splosive Gameplay!

- Smash your opponents into a pile of bolts with the Boombox!

- Capture tiles with each opponent you destroy!

- Dominate the arena by securing the most tiles!

- Fight your way across a constantly shifting arena as you steal and defend tiles!

So Many Ways to Jam!

- Battle your friends in Free-for-All or buddy up for Team Mode!

- Pit yourself against AI bots in any game mode or variation! Use them to learn the game, to have fun on your own, or to fill out a match with friends!

- Compete in different game modes like Original Territorial Mayhem, Classic Deathmatch and more!

- Tweak the way you play with a dozen settings, including Infinite Energy, Match Length and Fast Mode!

- Play on a variety of arena layouts in wild locales for a unique experience in each match!