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  • US 4th Mar 2020, $20.00
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About The Game

In the world of Baron, the Great War rages on. Aircraft are new, exciting machines that defy gravity! Those who fly them -- those brave animals -- are daring, flamboyant, and impossibly glamorous.

  • Choose your creature, and take to the sky in your trusty biplane to join intense battles against other pilots.
  • Up to 8 players can battle either all-on-all or in teams.
  • Arm your aircraft to the teeth with wonderful wacky weapons that include Giant Anvils, Freeze Rays, or the ever-popular Banana Peel!
  • Flying is easy to learn. (Even non-gamers will be flying in no time.) But under the hood, the aerodynamics have a depth that will take months to master.
  • 4 unique aircraft, with different flight characteristics and abilities.
  • 8 heroic characters- each with their own taunts, insignia and victory song.
  • 13 Special Weapons will keep you busy discovering new ways to destroy your opponents.
  • Single-player game modes include Battle (teams or all-on-all), Training, and a woolly Sheep Attack.

So pull on your goggles, strap in, and prepare for takeoff. Fur is gonna fly!