Banana Treasures Island

Banana Treasures Island (Switch eShop)


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Max Interactive Studio


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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformer
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Switch eShop

  • US 27th Oct 2020, $9.90
  • EU 26th Oct 2020, £7.90
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About The Game

Welcome to the Banana Treasures Island, and begin your journey of funs. Run, jump, swim, and fly all the way through Banana Islands and fight the angry baboon and his minions. Help the baby monkeys and companion in the jungle quest! Dash through the jungle, smash the enemies and complete the level to unlock more! Collect as many bananas gold coins as possible to unlock more items, get specials, upgrades, and power-ups... find the super golden banana to break the evil spells that possess islanders! ✰FEATURES✰ ✦ A fun jungle adventure with tons of levels! ✦ Crazy and funny enemies! ✦ Run, jump, swim, fly, and climb on vines to collect coins! ✦ Ride on friendly beasts to jump higher and run faster! ✦ Shop additional power-ups and enjoy the fun run! ✦ Seven different abilities monkeys to choose from! ✦ Five islands Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Skull! ✦ End game coins run levels!