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  • EU 20th Jul 2023, £8.59
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About The Game

Swap between Vulvehicles as you fight off oncoming enemies and defeat powerful stage bosses!

High firepower, guided weapons, long-range weapons, and high mobility...... Choose from 12 completely original vehicles specially made to match the fighting styles on the home planets of their drivers.

Seize victory through the strategic use of [Teleport Change]s, knowing when to fight and when to flight, and effectively balancing the precious resources of your Vulvehicles.


The year is 2010 AD.

The Avic branch of the Super Electric Science Institute is home to a quirky ragtag group of researchers from all corners of the galaxy living in harmony.

Until one day, the TDF (Terran Defense Force) launched an aggressive armed campaign to eliminate all alien lifeforms on Avic and takes control of the land occupied by the institute.

Standing in their way, however, is six beautiful girls armed with 12 different all-purpose armored combat vehicles known as "Vulvehicles".

Can these carefree heroines save their research branch and bring peace back to Avic?


- 6 areas and 24 stages in total.

- 12 unique types of vehicles to play as.

- 5 different difficulty levels.