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  • 23rd May 2019, $39.99
  • 23rd May 2019, £32.39
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About The Game

That was one month ago today.

Someone has murdered Saburo's grandfather, Kyosuke, while he was living in New York.

Saburo sets off to New York to sort through the belongings and memories his grandfather left behind.

The nostalgia of the cityscape and reunions with old friends is fleeting, however.

He soon discovers that his grandfather's last word was, 'Daedalus.'

What does it mean?

Why was my grandfather killed?

"Remember, Saburo: tend the orchard of your mind."

Kyosuke's words and teachings on the art of thinking are just distant memories.

And yet, young Jinguji Saburo who is alone in the world, takes up the gauntlet for himself and for his late grandfather!