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1 (Single Player)
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Switch eShop

  • US 26th Apr 2018, $9.99
  • EU 26th Apr 2018, £9.59
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    That's not a knife

    Remember back when Nintendo censored crosses on tombstones and changed blood from red to green? How times change. While blood and gore have been fair game for a while now, religion has remained a sensitive area until relatively recently, as evidenced by The Binding of Isaac’s long journey to Nintendo platforms. Mango...

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Agatha Knife Screenshot
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About The Game

Join Agatha, a child torn between her love for eating meat and her friendships with animals. Join her as she creates her own way of life – Carnivorism.

  • Create your own way of life piece by piece in this uniquely colourful and hand-crafted world 
  • Tackle controversial topics through the eyes of a child in this satirical adventure that lures you to the dark corners of everyday life 
  • Meet the peculiar characters of the Psychotic Adventures and uncover their stories that unfold as you progress during your quest
  • Explore this crazy universe and unlock up to 30 secret achievements 
  • Choose your play style, allowing you to switch seamlessly between touchscreen and controller modes