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Adventure, Other, Simulation
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  • US 19th Jan 2023, $7.99
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Sorry, no review of - Mischief Dungeon Life - 異世界転生した俺のイタズラダンジョンライフ Satsuki Edition yet.

About The Game

>After an accident, Renji was reborn in another world as a "shapeshifter," a demon that can transform at will. He was reborn in a dungeon inhabited by demons…

“Mischief Dungeon Life" is an isekai fantasy novel game in which Renji is reborn in another world as a demon. He encounters various heroines while playing a big role in the fates of both the Demon Clan and the Human Tribe.
This bishojo game released in 2020 from the brand "Calcite" has been remade for the "CS Novel Club" platform so that it can be enjoyed by people of various ages around the world.

Satsuki Edition is a short version that includes a story focusing on "Satsuki," a demoness who fell in forbidden love.

"The protagonist dies in an accident in the present day and awakens in the depths of a dungeon in another world.
He has been reincarnated as a ""shapeshifter”, a demon with the ability to transform into anything."

While the Demon King and his fellow demons have high expectations for his power, the protagonist has something completely different in mind.

"“I can tease the girls all I want with this power...!”
The days of mischief, by the protagonist turned lustful demon, begin."

・Satuski Shikano
I've never been in love. And even if I had, I wouldn't be free to say so.
A member of the Ogre Clan. She remains neutral while watching the battle to defeat the Demon King.
She usually wears kimonos and considers her large breasts a hindrance.
She is a serious person who values history and the survival of the species, but she has a forbidden love for a human.