Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Nintendo Switch

  • US 9th May 2024
  • EU 9th May 2024, £16.75


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About The Game

1000xRESIST is a thrilling sci-fi adventure. 1000 years in the future, humanity is all but extinguished and a disease spread by an alien occupation keeps the survivors underground. You are Watcher. You dutifully fulfil your purpose in service of the ALLMOTHER, until the day you learn a shocking secret that changes everything.

In the near future we learn we are not alone in the universe. A mysterious alien race of giant entities arrives. We call them the Occupants. They are not hostile, but it doesn’t matter. Their arrival is a death sentence. Humanity is wiped out in a matter of months, succumbing to a disease the Occupants have brought to our planet. There is one survivor, a teenage girl called Iris. Somehow she is immune.

1000 years later. Iris is not only immune but immortal. She has birthed a new society consisting exclusively of her own clones. She calls them Sisters. They call her the ALLMOTHER. Unlike the ALLMOTHER, the sisters are not immune. They must wear masks 24/7 to avoid breathing the diseased air even in the Orchard - an underground bunker where they live in constant fear of an Occupant attack. The ALLMOTHER lives in her own compound on the front line of the war with the Occupants. All Sisters dream of one day being able to take the train and join her in the fight.

Within the Orchard, every sister has an assigned function, while six sisters have special roles to play: Fixer (Engineering), Healer (Medical), Principal (Administration), Bang Bang Fire (Military), Knower (Data Retention)… and you, the new Watcher. Your role is unique. You have the great privilege of reliving and interpreting the memories of the ALLMOTHER through a process known as Communion, made possible by Secretary, your floating AI companion.

As the game begins, you are excited to embark on your first Communion. But all is not well. Your closest sister, Fixer, comes to you with a dangerous revelation. You have been lied to. The ALLMOTHER is not what she claims to be. Fixer’s claims rock the foundations of your world, throwing everything you know and believe into doubt. After Fixer is executed for her treason, it falls to you to discover the truth.