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  • News Waluigi First Graced Us With His Presence 20 Years Ago


    20 years ago this week, Mario Tennis was released for the Nintendo 64 in Japan. Excluding 1995's similarly named Mario's Tennis for the Virtual Boy, Mario Tennis was the very first in the series we know and love today, but it also introduced something far, far more important. Yes, Mario Tennis introduced Waluigi to the world, Wario's...



  • Feature Memories of Court Battles in Mario Tennis

    Nintendo Life writers and some readers pitch in

    We're not going to sugar coat it - Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash isn't a golden entry in the spin-off series. We were disappointed by the lack of content in our preview and are currently testing out online play before publishing our review, but what we can say right now is that we w

  • Feature A History of the Mario Tennis Franchise

    Holding court

    Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom chums are a talented bunch. They race karts and motorbikes, compete for medals in the Olympics, get into the swing of golf and more besides. They also, of course, play a bit of tennis - maybe it's for the exercise, the fashionable sportswear or to enjoy a post-match bowl of strawberries and cream...



  • Mario History Mario Tennis - 2000

    Two match points

    In this series of articles we'll write about one or more Mario game every day for 30 days, each representing a different year as part of our Super Mario 30th Anniversary celebrations. Our original plan for our 2000 entry in this series was to write about Paper Mario, yet just recently we shared an editorial to celebrate its 15th...





  • News Nintendo Serves Up Mario Tennis History Infographic

    One love

    This week sees the start of Wimbledon, and with Mario Tennis Open only a month old Nintendo's combined the two in infographic format. The official series history starts from 3D sports game Mario's Tennis and ends with... 3D sports game Mario Tennis Open. Weird. It's a bit confusing, though: it mentions Mario Tennis in 2004, presumably...



  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - August 2010

    Survival horror from Sunsoft and more

    Just three games for Japan this month, which is pretty much to be expected by now. One of them is a Nintendo 64 game everybody else has already gotten, while the other two games are both great, but Japan-exclusive. The only way we'll be seeing either of them is through import releases! The full, short list for...