Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2 (N64)


Nintendo 64


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User Ratings: 466

Our Review: 8/10


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Release Date

Nintendo 64

  • 17th Dec 1999
  • 24th Jan 2000
  • 12th Oct 2000

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • 20th Dec 2010, 1,000 points
  • 24th Dec 2010, 1,000 points
  • 2nd Nov 2010, 1,000 points

Wii U eShop

  • 21st Apr 2016, £8.99
  • 22nd Dec 2016, $9.99
Mario Party

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Mario Party 2 Screenshot
Mario Party 2 Screenshot
Mario Party 2 Screenshot


  • 27

    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Mario Party 2

    Gonna party like it's 1999 (yes we know most places got it in 2000)

    Since 1998 the Mario Party series has entertained gamers by mixing the play of traditional board games with frantic mini-game action. There have been numerous releases over the years (most recently Mario Party 10) and now Wii U owners can purchase one of the earliest entries from...

  • 54

    Virtual Console / Nintendo 64

    Review Mario Party 2

    It's party time!

    The Mario Party series has become quite successful for Nintendo and has brought many gamers and their families together over the years. Nintendo, obviously still concerned over the taxing controls of the original Mario Party which caused more than a few blisters and hand cramps among players, have decided to skip straight to Mario...

About The Game

It's time to party like it's the year 2000 once again; complete with fancy dress, bags of surprises and games galore!

Mario Party 2 brought Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom gang back together for a brand new round of Bowser-bashing board game action. Each of your favourite Nintendo characters dons different themed outfits to take part in five fun-packed Adventure Boards: Pirate, Western, Space, Mystery and Horror.

Up to four players can travel around the boards, while competing in mini-games for Coins and using items to get a sneaky advantage in order to win the most Stars and become the ultimate victor: the Super Star!

You can also visit Mini-Game Land to re-play any of the 64 mini-games from the Adventure Boards. Plus – prove your mini-game mettle in the Mini-Game Stadium: including Battle, Trial and two-player Duel Mini-Games!