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  • US 24th Dec 2007, 800 points
  • EU 7th Dec 2007, 800 points
  • JP 4th Dec 2007, 600 points
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  • Review Rolling Thunder 2 (Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive)

    Bring the thunder!

    Rolling Thunder 2 is a conversion of Namco’s 1990 sequel to its original James Bond themed Shinobi-like game. The Megadrive home version is faithful to the arcade original in terms of gameplay and features a few improvements, including cut scenes between levels that feature some lovely artwork, 3 additional stages and some new...

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Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot
Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshot

Rolling Thunder 2 News

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  • News EU VC Releases - 7th December - Sega Week

    Breaking the norm again this month, Sega only releases two games instead of the usual three. No matter though when both of them are great! Rolling Thunder 2 is one of Dazza's favourites. It borrows some elements from Shinobi and combined it with arcade action, as there's enemies coming at you from all sides. While somewhat short, the game just oozes quality every step you take, with great music, graphics and gameplay.

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About The Game

In this follow-up to the original classic, you are once again a member of Interpol's Rolling Thunder task force, and it's up to you to stop the return of the evil Geldra organisation. Now known as Neo-Geldra, and led by a newcomer named Gimdo, the bad guys are bent on destroying several valuable outer space satellites.

In this one or two player game you can play as Leila or Albatross - both characters from the original - as you venture through several different levels trying to put a stop to the nefarious efforts of Gimdo and the rest of Neo-Geldra. Use your bullets wisely and make the Rolling Thunder proud!