Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Mega Drive

  • JP 21st Apr 1990
  • US Jul 1991
  • EU 1991

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 21st Apr 2008, 800 points
  • EU 18th Apr 2008, 800 points
  • JP 30th Apr 2008, 700 points


  • Review Phantasy Star III (Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive)

    As Rhys, the crown prince of the Orakian kingdom of Landen

    By the time Phantasy Star III was released the series was well on its way to becoming a solid favourite with Western Sega fans, having already become pretty famous in its homeland Japan. With the third game Sega decided to make some sweeping alterations, but the core gameplay fundamentally...

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Phantasy Star III Screenshot
Phantasy Star III Screenshot
Phantasy Star III Screenshot
Phantasy Star III Screenshot
Phantasy Star III Screenshot
Phantasy Star III Screenshot

Phantasy Star III News

  • News US VC Releases - 21st April - River City Ransom

    Fancy a bit of a punch up this week? Maybe embarking on an epic quest spanning several generations is your thing? If so you are in luck!

    What better way to herald in the series of weekly NES beat ‘em ups than to begin with the mighty River City Ransom? Our North American readers were green with envy when Europe got this in their Wii Shop (entitled...

  • News EU VC Release - 18th April - Sega Week - Phantasy Star III

    After the 4-game blowout last week, some Europeans wondered if Nintendo of Europe had somehow completely turned around and would start to throw out multiple games every week from now on. This dream has been quickly shattered, because it's just one game again this week.

    Apparently not considering the two Master System games last week as a true...

  • News Another OFLC Update - Turbografx Imports Galore!

    The Turbografx is getting lots of imports - Recently, the OFLC rated Break In and Final Soldier, both of them imports for the system never released outside Japan. Those two haven't even been released yet, but Hudson already submitted four more games to the OFLC, and all of them are, once again, both imports and Turbografx titles.

    The strangest pick...

  • News USK update - Four new Sega games: Phantasy Star, Gley Lancer

    The USK is the German equivalent of the PEGI, ESRB, OFLC and all those other rating groups. They have been known to rate VC games occasionally, however, they never add the ratings to their site. Sometimes, though, they slip up and accidentally add them as Wii games - This is the case today, as they've added four new games which are all published by Sega, and are all Mega Drive games. The games are as follows:

    Gley Lancer (Import): This shooter by NCS (The makers of Cybernator, among other games) never made it out of Japan, but still has...

About The Game

As Rhys, the crown prince of the Orakian kingdom of Landen, you are engaged to be married to Maia, a woman from a rival kingdom. But Maia is kidnapped on your wedding day, setting you on a quest filled with twists and turns that will reintroduce you to people and places from previous Phantasy Star games.

This epic spans several generations of characters, and your choices will dramatically impact the way the story unfolds, which makes it a great game to play all the way through more than once. In Phantasy Star III, things aren’t always what they seem - check it out and watch the mysteries unfold.