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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 19th Oct 2009, 200 points


  • Review Rock-n-Roll Domo (DSiWare)

    It's still rock-n-roll to Domo.

    Closing off our title-by-title wade through Domo's résumé, we have Rock-n-Roll Domo, which finds our fuzzy brown friend fronting a wildlife-staffed garage band. It's a rhythm game that might strike many as a little too simplistic, but compared to some of Domo's other outings, this one's not half-bad. The gameplay...

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Rock-n-Roll Domo Screenshot
Rock-n-Roll Domo Screenshot

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About The Game

In Rock-n-Roll Domo, you’ll control Domo as he takes the stage in search of fortune and fame.

Hit the right notes in rhythm (using the touch screen, if desired) to rock the house. If your timing needs work, use the mixer to practice songs. Complete five different songs at a series of increasingly larger venues to help Domo become a superstar.