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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 19th Oct 2009, 200 points


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    It might be cheap, but it doesn't look or play like it

    When the Domo titles were first announced for the DSiWare service, many people were left unsure of what to think of them, especially given their rather inexpensive 200 Nintendo Point price tag. Now just as quickly as they were announced Nintendo has released all five titles onto the service at...

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Pro-Putt Domo Screenshot
Pro-Putt Domo Screenshot

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About The Game

In Pro-Putt Domo, Domo hits the green in an effort to win the world putt-putt golf championship.

Domo competes to finish with the lowest number of strokes in either the nine-hole Small Classic or the 18-hole Big Open tournament. Along the way, he’ll collect coins and earn bowls of meat-and-potato stew while avoiding bunkers and water hazards.