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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 14th Feb 2011, 500 points
  • EU 25th Feb 2011, 500 points


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    At least they're endangered

    Hey, kids! If you like pandas, disorientation, horrible graphics, pressing buttons that only sometimes work, and games ported so lazily that they completely disregard the limitations of the console you're playing on, then Panda Craze is for you! Panda Craze finds you controlling Tik-Ling, a panda who must climb ladders...

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Panda Craze Screenshot

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About The Game

Guide Tik-Ling the panda through caves, forests, mountains and deserts on the way to her home, the bamboo forest.

The concept is simple: Collect all of the magical lanterns in each level to unlock a magic portal to the next level. Getting to the lanterns without getting stuck, however, isn't so simple.

Dig, drill and blast your way through ice and rock in this epic puzzle adventure. Enjoy 150 challenging puzzle-platform levels. Accumulate new abilities and tools as you progress through the game.