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  • 21st Jun 2012, 200 points
  • 28th Jun 2012, 200 points

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Lola's Fruit Shop Sudoku Screenshot
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    Sudoku Jr.

    Earlier this year we were pleasantly surprised by Lola's Alphabet Train, a rewardingly sweet journey through simple spelling drills. It was colourful, engaging and inventive. Now we have a sequel in the form of Lola's Fruit Shop Sudoku, and while the previous game's charm is intact, it's a bit less impressive overall. You'd be forgiven...

About The Game

Lola Panda does it again – making it fun to develop logical thinking!

Now kids can enjoy the fun and challenge of Sudoku in a form especially designed for them. Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku game is playable even by 4-year old children, yet still challenging enough for 8-9-year-old kids. How is that possible? The player is invited to help Lola Panda to sort out the fruit. After a few successes, the player gets a well-earned award and at the end of the game the Fruit Shop is ready to open. Like most Lola Panda games, Fruit Shop Sudoku has very clear instructions and pleasant voice guidance.

Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku begins with an easy level for young children: they play a 3x3 fruit game with 4 different kinds of fruit. In this way children really learn to play the game quickly without even knowing what Sudoku is. On the other hand, the hard level uses numbers and a bigger 4x4 grid, so it provides fun and challenge even for children who are a bit older. Naturally, the game proceeds smoothly from each level to the next, so it is never too difficult for the player.


  • This game is the easiest sudoku game in the world!
  • Easy level has 3x3 fruit game for young children
  • Hard level uses numbers and a bigger 4x4 grid
  • Game has great logic and very pleasant voice guidance