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Single Player
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  • US 8th May 2014, 500 points
  • EU 5th Jun 2014, 500 points
Jewel Match
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Jewel Match Screenshot
Jewel Match Screenshot
Jewel Match Screenshot
Jewel Match Screenshot


  • Review Jewel Match (DSiWare)

    A traditional match-three lacking in splendour

    Anyone familiar with the world of match-three games will know almost exactly what to expect from a title such as Jewel Match. Released, oddly enough, after Jewel Match 3 on the 3DS, this DSiWare version strips out the story, hidden object finding, and other extra mini-games of the past sequel and...

About The Game

A classical Match 3 game!

Jewel Match challenges you with 150 smart levels! Create rows of three identical diamonds quickly and cunningly to burst them on both screens. All gold tiles disappear until the level has been won.

Powerfully break out extras, use the hammer for difficult situations to smash the diamonds or create a magic storm by puffing into the microphone!

  • 150 challenging levels across both screens
  • Three game modes: relaxed, play out and two players
  • Great extras with microphone support