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  • US 1st Nov 2010, 200 points
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    Not quite gene-ius

    Every now and again a really great game comes down the pipe that is fun, engaging and exciting to play. Sometimes, as was the case with Ivy the Kiwi?, it even gets released on multiple platforms to accommodate those players who might not have one or the other. Unfortunately, sometimes the games that get released feel like...

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Gene Labs Screenshot
Gene Labs Screenshot
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About The Game

Gene Labs is an arcade puzzle game set in the world of genetic science and experiments.

New viruses that are capable of genetically changing any living organism are spreading all around the world. The only hope is to cure the infected cells by looking at them under a microscope and injecting the anti-virus solution at your disposal. The goal of the game is to distribute the anti-virus solution to the cells visible under the microscope before they become infected by deadly virus. Drag the solution from healthy cells to infected cells to kill them and/or prevent the healthy cells from becoming infected by the bad virus.