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  • US 3rd Jan 2013, 200 points


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    Safe, but solid

    We've seen a wide variety of shoot 'em ups on the DSiWare service, some obviously better than others. Galaxy Saver is the newest entry and takes quite a few influences from early arcade shooters, while tossing in a few twists in an effort to make the experience stand out. So while there might not be a lot of originality when it comes...

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"The Earth is under attack from unidentified alien invaders! Return to Earth immediately!"

In a distant galaxy many years from now, Space Probe T3 is exploring nebular activity. All of a sudden it receives an SOS distress signal from earth. Space Probe T3's immediately recalibrates its course for Earth. The compact-size warp engine installed on the T3 limits the distance it can warp, forcing it to repeat the process several times to reach Earth. "On your journey back to earth the aliens will surely take the opportunity to attack while you're preparing to warp. You'll need to hold off the attack, defending the mother ship at all costs!" We need you to man a small, counter-attack spacecraft and, along and with your comrades, protect the mothership and save the Earth!

Take on wave after wave of invader attacks as you protect the mothership from 360 degrees of enemy bombardment. Circle around the mothership to form a perimeter, blasting the incoming alien ships with guns and missiles as they swarm in from all directions. Blast everything in sight as the aliens attack with rush attacks, stealth attacks, swarms, and tracker beams, surrounding you from all directions. Recruit partnership ships to help you fend off the invaders or team up with a friend using DS Wireless Communications. Hold off the hordes of aliens while your mothership recharges its warp drive in a series of steps that edge you closer to earth, where the final battle awaits.

Arcade Mode: Protect the mothership from incoming enemy invaders, clearing one stage at a time. A boss character lies in wait in the last stage.

Survival Rule: Clearing the Arcade Mode in Single Player will unlock Survival Rule. In this expert mode, the mothership's barrier is not replenished at the end of each stage and there are no Continues to use when the mothership is destroyed. Are you up for the challenge?

Challenge Mode: Pick a stage of your choice from those you've cleared in Single Player / Arcade Mode and challenge yourself for the highest score. The high scores shown in the Challenge Mode are separate from the Arcade Mode. See if you can claim the high scores on all the stages!