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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 25th Oct 2010, 200 points
  • EU 19th Mar 2010, 200 points


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    Lights on, nobody's home

    There can be no more baffling title on DSiWare than Flashlight, a collection of three different "utilities" for the DS's dual screens: it makes the reams of clocks and calculators look like gaming gold. First up is a flashlight function, that lets you light both screens in a range of colours. If you can think of a...

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About The Game

When it's dark people need a simple source of light.

Flashlight changes the dual screens of your Nintendo DSi into a flashlight with added features. Change the colour and the intensity of the light and use your Nintendo DSi to read under the blanket or as a source of light while taking a night stroll.

The other modes of Flashlight could even be helpful in stranded situations - use the warning light if your car breaks down - or how about turning on the S.O.S. mode to send out a signal the next time your plane has to land on a deserted island!