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  • US 10th May 2010, 500 points
  • EU 6th Aug 2010, 500 points
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    Chuck, mate

    Chess is over two thousand years old and still hasn't gone out of style. It's arguably the perfect game of strategy, enjoyed the world over by countless bright adults, reflective retirees and nerdy youths. Just about every city has a hub, a certain coffee shop or public park, at which one can go to watch two competitors going at it, the...

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Patience will be key if you want to score big in Chess Challenge!

Perfect your chess skills by playing against the computer in multiple difficulty modes, or play against your friends in either shared or wireless play via DS Wireless Play. Start by practicing with some casual games, then work your way up in fully Elo-rated matches. You'll even be able to track all of your game-play stats – win, lose or draw. Chess Challenge! will keep both novice and expert players glued to the screen for hours.