Also Known As
Touch Detective 2 & 1/2
Release Date


  • US 9th Oct 2007
  • JP 24th May 2007
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Touch Detective 2½ News

  • News Touch Detective Funghi Rhythm Could be Delightfully Weird on 3DS

    Unlikely to grow in the West

    In the earlier days of the DS you could simply put 'Touch' in the title of a game and sales would follow, as the idea of touch screen games was still new and exciting. How times have changed, but we're sure some still have fond memories of Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2½, charming point-and-click — or...

  • News New Touch Detective Game Looks to be in the Works

    Fungus in Famitsu

    The Touch Detective series, featuring wide-eyed sleuth about town Mackenzie and her sentient mushroom companion Funghi, looks set to receive another installment. Touch Detective Rising 3: Does Funghi Dream of Bananas? has been announced following a teaser site setup by Japanese publisher Success Corporation, which pointed towards...

About The Game

Accepted into the Great Detective Society, Mackenzie has become a fully-accredited sleuth! Trouble is, people still do not take her seriously. All that changes when a string of strange thefts pulls her into a puzzling plot, and she’ll have to use all of her skills and intuition to discover the motive behind the crimes and solve the mystery!

Key Features:

  • A hilariously off-beat story spanning 5 Episodes! Longer, wittier, and more entertaining than the first Touch Detective, the new plot develops over the course of 5 interrelated chapters, each playing off the one before.
  • Over twice the locations to visit and all-new characters to compliment the returning cast from the original! Cromwell, Penelope, and even your trusty sidekick Funghi all make a return in Touch Detective 2½, and if you want to get to the bottom of the mystery, you will need their help!
  • More unlockables! Solve side quests and complete an all-new Touch List and Investigation Report to gain access to new music and art