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  • US 9th Jun 2009
  • EU 26th Jun 2009
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  • Review LEGO Battles (DS)

    To arms! To arms! Lego Battles storms onto the DS in the very first Lego RTS, but is it a battling success?

    Following the unquestionable success of the various Lego games of the past few years, Lego Battles is something of an oddity in the ever-growing stable of generally very good, solid adventure titles (and one rhythm game) from the Lego brand...

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LEGO Battles Screenshot
LEGO Battles Screenshot
LEGO Battles Screenshot
LEGO Battles Screenshot

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  • Feature The Building Blocks for a LEGO City

    One block at a time

    As one of the most popular toys in the world, LEGO has been a part of almost everyone’s lives. The unbridled sense of creativity and possibility that the bricks produce is arguably unmatched by anything else, so it’s no surprise that the LEGO Group has continually pushed for the creation of LEGO games. Be it based purely on...

About The Game

Play through six distinct storylines in the game to create your base, buildings and team and deploy your troops for battle! Test your strategies in single-player campaign or Free Play mode to unlock hidden treasures, or play against two of your friends to put your soldiers on the road to victory!

Construct buildings and offensive and defensive units unique to each theme in the game.

Use the Hero unit to cast special attacks on the battlefield.

Complete goals and mix-and-match units from over 90 levels to create the ultimate fighting force.

Single-player and wireless multiplayer mode for 2-3 players.