Also Known As
Mawashite Koron (JP)
Number of Players
Release Date


  • US 1st Dec 2005
  • EU 2nd Jul 2007
  • JP 1st Dec 2005
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About The Game

Labyrinth s a fun, addictive and colorful game that comes directly from a well known arcade game of the past.
A ball is lost in a labyrinth, can you manage to escape? You can’t control the ball directly, you have to rotate the entire labyrhint! Try to make the ball avoid many obstacles and reach the goal before the time expires. Funny voices will comment your performances. Collect as many bonus as you can and unlock new colors, models end even materials for your balls. Complete standard levels and unlock two others difficult group of courses.


• Nintendo DS Dual Screen - Utilize the features of the DS to add a new element of fun and control to the game by utilizing your stylus to rotate the maze, power up your ball to crash through obstacles, and keep a track on your opponents!
• Unlockables – There are a ton of unlockables within the title, including new labyrinths of varying difficulties, customization options for your ball, and so much more!
• Multiplayer Fun – Up to 4 players can compete against each other to see who can score the most points and get to the finish line first. With only one Nintendo DS card needed for multiplayer fun, all your friends can get into the action!
• Simple and addictive gameplay – Though this game is easy to learn, it is a challenge to master!
• Graphics and Sound – This title features colorful fun anime style graphics with an upbeat soundtrack! The characters within the game voice their opinions in a comical way as you succeed/fail throughout your play.