Also Known As
Nintendo presents Crossword Collection
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • EU 18th Dec 2009
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    Cryp-ticks all the right boxes.

    It's very rare for Nintendo to be beaten to the punch by other developers, but some of their recent DS releases certainly seem to be playing catch-up to the wealth of third-party support on the machine. Style Boutique (known as Style Savvy in the US) resembles any number of other titles, and now with Nintendo...

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Crossword Collection Screenshot
Crossword Collection Screenshot
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About The Game

Do you love the challenge of a good, tricky crossword? Now you can put your brain to the test whenever you like with an instant crossword compendium in the form of Nintendo presents: Crossword Collection for your Nintendo DS!

Nintendo presents: Crossword Collection offers you the choice of over 1,000 crossword puzzles at three different skill levels. All puzzles have been created using everyday UK English and the software also includes extra Wordsearch and Anagram word games if you fancy something a bit different. There’s no need to scrabble around in your bag for a pen either – the handwriting recognition function of the Nintendo DS means you can simply use the stylus to write in your answers on the Touch Screen.

You hold the Nintendo DS in the style of a book while playing and can adjust the orientation depending on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. And if you come across a clue that you just can’t solve, you can also take advantage of the in-built help system, which will gently guide you to the answer. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the word games, you can opt to view an in-depth tutorial on each mode, which you select from the title screen.

Sharing the fun with friends and family isn’t a problem either – with up to four available profiles included in the game, there’s no excuse for not getting involved in a bit of crossword camaraderie!