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Crash Boom Bang! (DS)




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User Ratings: 12

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  • 10th Oct 2006
  • 27th Oct 2006
  • 27th Jul 2006
Crash Bandicoot

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Crash Boom Bang! Screenshot
Crash Boom Bang! Screenshot
Crash Boom Bang! Screenshot
Crash Boom Bang! Screenshot
Crash Boom Bang! Screenshot


  • Review Crash Boom Bang! (DS)

    Crash landing on DS, mini games a plenty, but how does this measure up to previous Crash titles?

    From what I remember Crash Bandicoot was pretty much written off from the first moment when he landed onto PlayStation consoles all those years ago, at least by the non-Sony crowd, he's no Mario or Sonic, right? To his credit, Crash re-appeared again and...

About The Game

"Crash Boom Bang! will provide the hilarious antics and fun gameplay that Crash Bandicoot® fans have come to love, with a brand-new twist," said Cindy Cook, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Vivendi Games. "Through the innovative Touch Panel Communication in-game feature that leverages the technology of the Nintendo DS, Crash Boom Bang! will also deliver a uniquely entertaining multiplayer experience unlike any other on the system."

In Crash Boom Bang!, Crash and his friends embark on a worldwide race in a quest for its multi-million dollar prize. With hidden intentions of finding an ancient lost city and the famed magical "Super Big Power Stone" that grants its user one wish, the race's sponsor Viscount Devil plans on using the contestants to solve the mystery. The map of the race checkpoints is based on the Viscount's ancient map, and the evil Dr. Neo Cortex, also an invitee to the race, has figured out the Viscount's master plan and in his own relentless pursuit for world domination, sets out to steal the map and retrieve the legendary stone. It's up to Crash and his friends to win the big race ... and save the world!

Key game features in Crash Boom Bang! include:

Revolutionary "Touch Panel Communication" multiplayer gameplay

  • Communicate with players through never-before-seen touch panel message in-game feature (speech, sounds, characters)
  • Use wireless LAN to send customized messages mid-game and have fun teaming up with friends or distracting other players' gameplay
  • 40 Wacky Action-oriented Mini-games Taking Full Advantage of the DS Platform
  • 3D graphics, touch screen, microphone, wireless network

Unique Betting Feature
Take player interaction to a new level by betting on outcomes of multiplayer games and earning points to purchase items that can enhance the gameplay experience

Item Collecting & Trading
Up to 80 items to collect, trade or use to alter gameplay scenarios

Trademark Crash Humor and Characters
Enjoy Crash's wacky and zany sense of humor and play as one of 8 of your favorite characters including Crash, Coco, Crunch and Neo Cortex