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Dream Trigger 3D News


  • News New Dream Trigger 3D Trailer Shoots to Thrill

    Called 'Anxiety', but don't worry

    Dream Trigger 3D is one of the more intriguing prospects coming to 3DS: a pseudo-retro shooter with a feature list that includes 'electronic remixes of classical music' and 'blasting enemies into multicoloured 3D explosions'. It also has a new trailer, which you can watch below. The video is titled 'Anxiety', so you...


  • News 3DS Helps Developers Render Fog Effects Via Its Own Chip

    Such a handy handheld

    If the 3DS was to be personified, it would surely be a hip youngster helping old ladies cross busy streets. However, when we say old ladies, we mean games developers, and by crossing busy streets, we actually mean render in-game fog effects. Close enough. In D3Publisher's upcoming retro shooter Dream Trigger 3D, there's a level...

  • News Dream Trigger 3D Brings Retro Shooting to 3DS

    First shots fired

    Retro shooters are practically a genre unto themselves these days, with D3Publisher hoping to land the first big hit on 3DS with the upcoming Dream Trigger 3D. Although the screenshots don't look up to much in 2D, the depth of field offered by the 3DS top screen should help to bring the graphics to life. Players must use sonar...


  • News Dream Trigger Will Blow 3DS Up with its Sonar Attacks

    Sounds, good

    If there's one genre the DS never got quite right it's the humble shoot 'em up: while Nanostray and sequel Nanostray 2 were decent outings, they were merely stars in a dark night. 3DS might not suffer the same fate if D3Publisher has its say, as the company announces Dream Trigger 3D for 3DS. An arcade-style shooter that lets players...