Touch Battle Tank 3D 2

Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 (3DS eShop)


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Silver Star Japan


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User Ratings: 2

Our Review: 3/10


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Single Player
Action, Arcade
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3DS eShop

  • US 30th Jan 2014, $4.99
  • EU 22nd May 2014, £4.49
Touch Battle Tank 3D

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Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 Screenshot
Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 Screenshot
Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 Screenshot
Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 Screenshot


  • Review Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 (3DS eShop)

    Two of the same

    Ideally, a video game sequel should feature everything that worked about the first game and expand and improve upon it so that the the new entry doesn't feel like an expansion pack. Unfortunately, there was very little that worked about Agetec's Touch Battle Tank 3D, and Touch Battle Tank 3D 2 is basically more of the same. With the...

About The Game

3D Tank Battle Action Returns!

This time, there are two types of tanks--the attack tank with its powerful offensive capabilities, and the defense tank with its impregnable defenses. The attack tank improves upon the original charge shot with the ultimate weapon--the super charge shot. It cuts a swath of devastation through any armor. The defense tank features a shield that bounces back any attack.

The hostiles have added new weapons like wave shots, scatter shots, lasers, and drills. Hover units unaffected by the terrain and a cloaking stealth system have also been added. Gargantuan tanks have also joined the enemy's forces. The original's weapon systems are back too, like ricochet, homing, and mortar-type shots.

There are 90 stages in all (60 regular and 30 bonus stages)--20 more than the previous game. Strap yourself in and gear up for an intense, futuristic tank shooting war--the original was only the beginning.